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About SomaShare

SomaShare is a free app that brings practical, easy-to-follow tools and a communal space to support people in deep healing and transformation.

We created SomaShare to encourage a shift from black and white thinking into inclusive, nuanced and emotionally mature ways of being through practices like nervous system regulation, emotional healing tools and more — to create a resilient life.

We thoughtfully select the best practitioners; our goal is to create a trauma-informed platform that will never push individuals too far out of their comfort zone, or shame them for their pace of transformation. Instead, practices will challenge participants just enough to create powerful, integrated shifts in their ways of being.

Practical, easy-to-follow somatic tools

Trauma-informed practices & mini courses

Communal space for support

Our app features over 180 practices by 80+ world-renowned somatic practitioners, including Dr. Albert Wong, Anna Ferguson, Guillaume ZeenderNatalie Kennedy, Lexy FlorentinaChristine EartheartAlissa BoyerDanica HarrisMarina Yanay-Triner, Luci LampeMaxi Schönteich, and more!

A Look at the App

SomaShare invites you to be part of a community where you feel a sense of belonging and you’re connected deeply to yourself and others. You’ll receive the support you need to tap into your own resourcefulness and move equanimously through challenges, while staying connected to your heart and vision.

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Let’s heal together.

10 SomaShare practitioners share practical tips they’ve implemented in their personal healing and growth journeys to support you on your own.

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SomaShare Co-Founders

Marina & Tomer
SomaShare co-founders Marina and Tomer Yanay decided to bring their forces together to create an app that integrated deeply healing practices to help achieve their mission of a trauma-informed society — where people know how to process their emotions and take responsibility for their actions and lives.
Marina brought her coaching skills and connections to hundreds of incredible trauma-informed practitioners, and Tomer brought his powerful leadership, conscious programming philosophy, and skills.

"The SomaShare App is an exceptional and unique resource for trauma survivors seeking healing and growth. With its user-friendly interface, diverse features, and focus on personalized support, it truly stands out as an essential tool for anyone on their trauma recovery journey. I highly recommend this app to all trauma survivors and those supporting them in their healing process. I use it few times a day, whether I feel overwhelmed or just need some support. Thank you so much, I love you."

Larisa Triener

"I got SomaShare a few days ago and honestly I was expecting to be let down but I was pleasantly surprised. It's a free meditation app that focuses on somatic healing which is usually costly. It does have a premium version, but the free version is more than adequate to get a good feel for the service. The user interface is soothing, and although they have a slightly limited library, each session is very high quality! It has already helped me regulate through trying times. Thanks!"

E. Rose Waterbury

"SomaShare is absolutely amazing and so much needed. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. A palette of practices that you can tap into based on your needs, from a point of view that involves the body too, which is a game changer and creates deep lasting change. Thank you so much for bringing this to life. ❤️"

Maria Felea

"SomaShare has a personalized feel, an intuitive interface, and beautiful design. First, you choose what you would like to feel. From there, you pick from a list of guided somatic practices. Each one is done by a highly qualified, professional practitioner. Once you’re done, you can share the experience with the community. The community is also a great place to see what others are enjoying. This app has a luxury feel and is highly user-focused. It feels like a true safe space online."

Lara Young

"This app is amazing! It has a practice for every occasion and every emotional experience. There is so much to chose from and I love that it is trauma-informed so I know that the practices are safe and won't push me beyond where I am ready and able to go. 100% to anyone interested in somatic work."

Jen Butler

"This beautiful app is so needed for people to experience somatic healing! Each time I have listened to a meditation on here I am in awe that this app exists and is so full of somatic practitioners’ wisdom. Thank you for creating this amazing resource."


"Excellent app that is beautifully and thoughtfully designed. Somatic practises are really top quality. Highly recommend this to anyone at any experience level."

Ainslie Campbell

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