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SomaShare is now available

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The SomaShare app offers practical, easy-to-follow tools and a communal space to feel supported in your deep healing and transformation.

Somatic practices are incredibly effective in helping us regulate our nervous system. This translates to finding calm when you feel shut down, overwhelmed, or anxious.

Let’s heal together.

10 SomaShare practitioners share practical tips they’ve implemented in their personal healing and growth journeys to support you on your own.

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Introducing SomaShare:

A Look at the App

SomaShare invites you to be part of a community where you feel a sense of belonging and you’re connected deeply to yourself and others. You’ll receive the support you need to tap into your own resourcefulness and move equanimously through challenges, while staying connected to your heart and vision.

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An app that brings practical, easy to follow tools and a communal space to support people in deep healing and transformation.