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Meet the compassionate practitioners guiding your healing journey.
Photo of Jenna Aitken-Smith
Jenna Aitken-Smith
Spiritual Mentor & Breath Coach

Jenna is a spiritual empowerment mentor & breathwork facilitator who has dedicated her life to empowering women to live a life in alignment with who they truly are instead of what others or society expects of them.
She gives women tools to physically, emotionally and spiritually heal, grow and evolve so they can live more fulfilling lives, one with more dedication, purpose and passion.
Jenna is a certified breathwork facilitator of clarity breathwork and of The Breath Center, a breath coach, Somatic integrative trauma therapist, Craniosacral therapist, herbalist & healer.

Photo of Francesca Annenberg
Francesca Annenberg
Embodied Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

I weave embodied eating disorder recovery frameworks, integrative trauma-informed somatic coaching, and the lessons learnt from my own recovery journey into a compassionate, body-first approach to eating disorder recovery and self-discovery.
My personal eating disorder recovery journey was the catalyst for my transformation. Walking the recovery road has brought me closer to what truly matters to me, has guided me to towards new tools and sustainable resources for feeling and being, and has deepened my self-trust. Eating disorder recovery is a path of deepening into embodiment.
Join me in exploring how your body can become the ultimate resource for your healing journey through guided mindful movement journeys, nervous system regulation tools, somatic healing principles, and heart-centered practices for a holistic, bottom-up approach to eating disorder recovery.

Photo of Dr Christine Baker
Dr Christine Baker
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Dr. Christine Baker is the Clinical Director at Wayfare Counseling. She works primarily in the areas of sexual compulsivity/addiction, trauma recovery, and somatic healing. She is EMDR trained, a Certified Sexual Addictions Therapist (CSAT), and is currently an SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) in training. She has also completed the Traumatic Stress Studies program through The Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute under Dr. Bessel van der Kolk. Dr. Baker believes strongly in the idea that trauma is stored in the body, and, therefore, that the body must be involved in the recovery process. She is passionate about making somatic work understandable to the everyday person and about offering easy to access skills to help people come back to a more regulated state.

Photo of Brandon Bennett
Brandon Bennett
Mindful Leadership Coach

Brandon Bennett is a Mindful Leadership Coach supporting highly driven purpose-centered executives and entrepreneurs in slowing down, clarifying their vision, and focusing their energy on what matters most, so they can navigate forward in life, create a positive impact in the world, and do so in a peacefully productive, healthy, and sustainably balanced way.

Photo of Olga Borys
Olga Borys
Trauma-Informed Somatic Coach

Olga is a Somatic Coach and Trauma Sensitive Yoga( TCTSY) facilitator. Her own healing journey has lead her down a path of combing the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions, somatics, parts work, nervous system and trauma education. She supports folk who identify as women on their journey towards reconnecting to the wisdom that lives inside them, befriending their body, and creating sustainable embodied transformation.
All parts of you are welcome here <3

Photo of Alissa Boyer
Alissa Boyer
Mentor for Highly Sensitive People

Alissa Boyer is a Mentor for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) with a passion for helping fellow HSPs learn how to reduce overwhelm, manage their energy, and fully embrace who they are. She’s the creator of several online programs including Sensitive & Soulful Self-Worth and the Sensitive Soul’s Business Society. She’s also the host of a podcast called The Sensitive & Soulful Show, and a writer for the award-winning HSP blog, Highly Sensitive Refuge.

Photo of Devin Brooks
Devin Brooks
Integrative Trauma Therapist

Devin Brooks is an Integrative Trauma Therapist from New Zealand. They are a qualified Music Therapist and certified Somatic Trauma Therapist who has worked extensively in the area of complex trauma. They believe in the power of showing up as a Queer & Gender Queer Therapist by encouraging visibility and empowerment of queer communities. They work in private practice online to people around the world, supporting those to meet and move through their trauma experiences and unstuck their nervous system.

Photo of Jen Butler
Jen Butler
Nervous System Mentor

I am a nervous system mentor who blends spirituality and science together to help those who are in the process of awakening to feel safe in their own skin & grounded here on Earth.
My own experience of an intense spiritual & energetic awakening led me on a journey of self-healing and self-discovery. Along the way, I came across the Polyvagal theory & nervous system healing & my life transformed.
Thanks to somatic work, I have been able to overcome a lifetime of chronic anxiety & depression, self-harm & addiction. Now I live a life that is free from drama & chaos and instead, filled with peace.
Drawing from my background as a teacher, I work with clients to educate them on the workings of their nervous system, helping them to understand their physiology and guiding them gently and lovingly towards a new way of living.
One that is free from the restraints of survival stress.
I believe that ‘true human enlightenment will happen when all human beings on the planet have regulated their nervous systems’ and I am here to play a role in spreading the word of this amazing work!

Photo of Melissa Byers
Melissa Byers
Mastery Method Certified Coach

Melissa Byers is a non-practicing Social Worker and Mastery Method Certified Coach. Melissa works with women using mind-body techniques to release pent-up tension that’s weighing on their physical and emotional well-being.
Melissa has the innate capacity to hold other women in a space of empathy and compassion, with the conviction that transformation occurs between your physical reality, and your mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

Photo of Lisa Cipparone
Lisa Cipparone
Nervous System RESET Practitioner

I am a Nervous System RESET Practitioner, a Yoga Teacher and Trainer and a Reiki Master/Teacher. I bring a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience to my offerings and, over the past 20 plus years of service, I have become a skilled and compassionate guide. My focus is on helping you learn how to regulate your nervous system using somatic tools and exercises that, overtime, will rewire and repattern your brain so you can step fully into your brilliance! This somatic work will help you build a healthy nervous system that ebbs and flows with life’s ups and downs rather than getting stuck in the stress responses of fight, flight, freeze or fawning. Commitment to this slow and gentle work will help you live a more balanced, playful, and pleasurable life.
I have been teaching yoga for over 20 years. I am a 500 HR Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). I am certified in Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and Kids Yoga. I was a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and the owner of The Rejuvenation Room for 15 years before creating Lila Yoga Wisdom School which offered 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training including specialized training such as Yoga Nidra. I hold degrees from Western University and the University of Guelph. I am currently enrolled at The CREATE Institute to become an Expressive Arts Psychotherapist and I am an international speaker.
I have studied: Emotional Freedom Technique, ThetaHealing, Traditional Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Medicine, Thai Reflexology, Akashic Record Reading, and the Rising Star Healing System. I am also a Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, and I am clairaudient and able to channel Source, Guides, Goddess, and Master Teachers.
To schedule an appointment, please contact me at

Photo of Mattie Clark
Mattie Clark
Family Constellations Facilitator

In addition to family constellations philosophy, my work is informed by non-dual emotional alchemy praxis, community activism, neuroleadership coaching, wilderness rites of passage, the culture of Italy and perhaps most by being the younger sister of an intellectually disabled brother.

Photo of Christine Eartheart
Christine Eartheart
Relationship Coach

Christine Eartheart is Founder of the Center for Thriving Relationships where she, along with her wonderful husband, helps couples transform conflict, deepen connection, and create the kind of love they have always wanted. Combining both the heart and science of relationships, they offer renowned weekend retreats, online courses, and private sessions to clients around the world. They also developed the Thriving Relationship Coach Certification program where they train others on 50+ signature and scientifically-backed tools and formulas to create powerful, repeatable, and predictable breakthroughs for couples. Christine is also host of the Thriving Relationships Show, a TEDx speaker, and an enthusiastic believer in what’s possible in love. The Center for Thriving Relationships has been featured in Psychology Today, Happify, Thrive Global, NBC, ABC, and CBS. Learn more at

Photo of Shely Esses-Strom LMFT & RP
Shely Esses-Strom, LMFT & RP
Sex Therapist

Hello everyone!
Helping people feel comfortable in their bodies is my mission statement. I am passionate about combining different modalities & techniques to help each person based on their individual needs. I often relate to the mind-body-soul connection. My integrative approach is intuitive based on each client that walks through my door. I often use an Experiential-Holistic approach mixed with Narrative, Solution Focused & Nervous System Regulation. However I also pull from Imago, Non-Violent Communication, Bowenian & Positive Psychology.
As I continue to build my personal brand of therapy it includes both traditional talk therapy and energy medicine. I use deep meditation, somatic movement, Vagus Nerve activation and inner child healing. I use Jewish Mysticism and Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom as my base.
When I am not working you can catch me frolicking on the grass, listening to music and eating rice with black eyed peas (Lubia). I am a wife and mama bear of two girls. Our family dream is to spend all summer long living off grid in our R.V.

Photo of Khrissie Farrands
Khrissie Farrands
Somatic Movement Healer

With a 10-year career in design and branding, Khrissie is not just a healer but a creative visionary. Her journey, deeply rooted in personal adversity, blossomed into a life dedicated to guiding women through transformative healing. Merging her artistic flair with somatic movement healing, Khrissie brings a unique, creative approach to wellness, helping her clients uncover their true potential in vibrant, innovative ways.
Khrissie’s empathy extends beyond her clients. Her heart resonates with the global community, evident in her support for children in Nepal. Following the devastating earthquake, she embarked on a charity trip, contributing to the rebuilding of communities and nurturing hope amidst despair. This compassion is mirrored in her advocacy for sustainable brands, aligning her professional ethos with environmental and social consciousness.
Currently training as a medicine woman in the divine feminine and ancestral healing, Khrissie is deepening her spiritual connection. Her unfolding spiritual gifts enhance her intuition, allowing her to forge a deeper bond with her clients and the natural world.
Khrissie’s commitment to empowerment is not limited to her healing practice. She actively supports female founders, hosting workshops within their programs, and teaches in-person classes across the UK. Her work is a tapestry of healing, creativity, and empowerment, fostering a community where women are not only seen and heard but are also inspired to put themselves first.
Khrissie’s life is a testament to the power of resilience, creativity, and connectedness. Join her on this journey of healing, growth, and transformation – where every step is infused with creativity, a deep respect for the Earth, and the warmth of chai lattes.

Photo of Lani Faye
Lani Faye
Breathwork Coach

Lani is a Breathwork coach, who teaches people how to use the breath to improve their mental, physical and emotional health. Her compassionate and accessible approach makes it easy for anyone to discover how powerful their own breath really is and how they can use it to not only calm their nervous system, and release emotional blockages, but also for deeper transformation. Lani’s personal journey with Breathwork has tremendously impacted her struggle with authenticity and connection to self, and has helped her regain confidence, joy, and purpose.

Photo of Rachel Fearnley
Rachel Fearnley
Somatic & Breathwork Practitioner

Rachel is a Somatic & Breathwork Practitioner who is deeply passionate about supporting people to bridge the perceived gap between the mind & the body. She draws in years of experience in the wellness field including being a yoga, breath & meditation teacher trainer. She works both in person & virtually offering 1:1 sessions, group classes & retreats. She lives in Bali with her daughter Yemaja & two Bali dogs, Tilly & Mo.

Photo of Anna Ferguson
Anna Ferguson
Integrative Anxiety Therapist

Anna is a qualified counsellor specialising in anxiety. She supports women to come home to themselves and befriend their nervous system through somatic therapy, Breathwork, polyvagal & holistic practices.

Photo of Lexy Florentina
Lexy Florentina
Somatic Practitioner

My name is Lexy Florentina Borja and I’m a Trauma Trained Somatic Practitioner helping people release stored stress, elevate their relationships and reconnect with their body.
I have completed over 500 hours of client work and training in Trauma Informed Coaching, PolyVagal Theory, Somatic Stress Release, Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Therapy and Holistic Health.
But with the professional work aside, I am first and foremost a human who has experienced complex trauma, childhood trauma and chronic health challenges. As a mentor and space-holder, I come with empathy for and understanding of what it’s like to feel stuck, in pain, and living in a cycle that can’t seem to be escaped.
In the midst of my own journey I discovered just how possible it is to experience change and to cultivate a new relationship with our bodies and the world around us. Through learning the language of my body and how symptoms are messages, small changes began to show up. It was through the consistent practice of being more IN my body rather than DOING things to FIX my body that transformation slowly began to unravel.
Over the years, what I’ve come to know is that our bodies are brilliant and capable and no matter where you are on your path: you make sense.

Photo of Rachel Forbes LCSW
Rachel Forbes, LCSW

Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist who utilizes Internal Family Systems (IFS), Body Work, and some Earth-Based Practices to bring deepened awareness and healing to experiences and beliefs carried within our bodies. She works with people who would like to unburden trauma and invite back into their body compassion, connectedness, and presence.

Photo of Keri Ford
Keri Ford
Somatic Life Coach

Keri Ford is the CEO & Founder of Elevate with Keri – an elite transformational coaching movement and luxury brand dedicated to serving and elevating women’s emotional intelligence and whole-body high performance.
She is an international motivational speaker, author, event host, and global authority on women’s wellness. She has spoken alongside 50 other top industry experts, neuroscientists, doctors, and authors in the personal development industry.
With advanced training as a Behavior Change Specialist and Trauma & Somatics Practitioner, she was awarded by IFAH as one of the Top 100 Global Visionaries and 2023 CEO with the Best Women’s Personal Development Platform.
As one of the world’s leading coaches for over 14 years, Keri has hosted Jillian Michaels’ wellness retreats and worked with celebrities such as Alison Sweeney from NBC’s popular TV show The Biggest Loser, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Natasha Lyonne, Laura Prepon from That 70’s Show, and Kaley Cuoco from CBS’s The Big Bang Theory.
Additionally, Keri’s high-end clientele includes some of the world’s top female CEOs of multi-million dollar companies, self-made millionaires, and other influential public figures.
Keri’s mission is to help modern-day successful women overcome anxiety and live a life they love through transformational practices & holistic modalities by achieving what she calls, Somatic Success™ so that they can lead through influence and impact.

Photo of Hanna Hanula MA
Hanna Hanula, MA
Holistic Anxiety Therapist

Hanna is a Certified Nutritionist, Naturopath, Somatic Therapist, Gifted Energy Healer, and Mindset Coach. Yet, what sets her apart is her personal journey, once plagued by high-functioning anxiety, social anxiety, ADHD, and various digestive struggles like IBS. Through a profound holistic approach, she found healing within herself.
Today she is working as a Holistic Anxiety Therapist specializing in gut, mental & emotional and spiritual health for courageous women ready to transform their life into embodiment of safety, connection and joy. Her signature 1:1 program Awaken Your Wellness has changed lives of over 100 women so far. She is also the author of the book “Happybiome-4week Nutritional Program,” in which she provides a blueprint for rebalancing the gut and alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Moreover, Hanna is the visionary founder of The Space, a company offering holistic mental health support tailored to corporate employees. Through somatic workshops and nutritional coaching she strives to create an inclusive environment where individuals can cultivate their mental wellness.

Photo of Danica Harris Ph.D., SEP
Danica Harris, Ph.D., SEP
Therapist & Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Danica is a therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) in Dallas, TX. She co-owns Empowered Healing Dallas, a group practice where she provides trauma-informed therapy using somatic, relational, attachment, and parts work approaches to treatment. Danica specializes in healing from attachment wounds, sexual assault, emotional neglect, vicarious trauma, intergenerational and identity-based trauma, and work or academic trauma. Danica is passionate about support for therapists and provides counseling services, mentorship, supervision, and consultation to mental health providers looking for trauma-informed support. She is deeply invested in equity, social justice efforts, and destigmatizing mental health treatment, and utilizes her Instagram platform, @theempoweredtherapist to provide education and support to the broader community.

Photo of Erica Hornthal
Erica Hornthal
Dance / Movement Therapist

Erica Hornthal, known as “The Therapist Who Moves You” is a board-certified dance/movement therapist and licensed clinical professional counselor. She is the founder and CEO of Chicago Dance Therapy and the author of Body Aware: Rediscover Your Mind-Body Connection, Stop Feeling Stuck, and Improve Your Mental Health With SImply Movement Practices.

Photo of Simona Irwin
Simona Irwin
Mindfulness Teacher

Pattern Mapping and Integration for Complex Trauma and Chronic Illness. Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness.
Nature 🍃 Movement 👣 Mystery ✨ Stillness

Photo of Salimah Kassim-Lakha
Salimah Kassim-Lakha
Yoga Therapist

Charismatic and impactful communicator, Salimah Kassim-Lakha is an internationally-recognized and sought-after leader in health and wellness. With a commitment to trauma informed, accessible practices and a natural talent for creating connection, Salimah unites and guides her clients under a mindful and soulful approach to wellbeing. With a background in Public Service, Salimah has taken her business and management skills to building an industry-leading yoga studio and online teacher training program. For her next venture, Salimah is working with corporations, non for profit and community agencies to continue her legacy of creating transformation, leadership and impact.

Photo of Natalie Kennedy
Natalie Kennedy
Mindfulness Practitioner

Natalie Kennedy is a relationship anxiety coach and meditation teacher teaching mindfulness in partnership. After 5 years battling anxiety and doubt in her relationship, she has come out the other side crazy about her now-husband, lover, and partner in life, and excitedly shares her journey with others.

Photo of Dr Cathleen King DPT
Dr Cathleen King, DPT
Physical Therapist

Dr. Cathleen King, DPT is a physical therapist, and neuroscience educator of chronic illness and trauma healing and founder of the Primal Trust™ Academy & Community. She weaves together brain retraining, vagus nerve toning, somatics, and trauma-informed attachment repair techniques in her online program. She personally found freedom from over a decade of debilitating health chronic Lyme disease, CFS, mold toxicity, PTSD and more.

Photo of Effie Kli MA
Effie Kli, MA
Somatic Coach & Trauma Educator

Effie Kli is a trauma-trained Somatic Coach & Educator specialised in childhood trauma. Through a somatic-based psychotherapeutic approach she helps people release trauma stored in their body that leads to cycles of self-sabotage, addiction and illness, so they go from simply surviving to thriving.

Photo of Veera Korjala
Veera Korjala
Holistic Wellness Coach

Veera Korjala is a Holistic Wellness and Emotional Empowerment Coach, supporting women in creating more authentic expression, emotional healing and connection to their hearts. Holding certifications in Yoga, Meditation, Mind-Body Coaching, and Chakra Energy Healing as well as Master’s in Kinesiology and Exercise Psychology, she brings inspiration and empowerment to the lives of others to feel aligned and alive in their bodies, minds and souls.
Having previously battled with severe autoimmune issues, emotional roller coasters of closed relationships, $56 dollars on her pocket moving to another city, and starting from scratch in 4 countries she’s lived, she knows the inner turmoil that one can hold while navigating through life challenges and the mindset that is needed to support one’s journey.
Veera’s mission is to help women to slow down, claim their power back and express their truth out to the universe of infinite possibilities, in a healthy, compassionate way.

Photo of Georgia Kostopoulou
Georgia Kostopoulou
Integrative Somatic Practitioner

Hi! I’m Georgia, a dedicated Somatic Trauma Practitioner, yoga instructor, energy healer, personal trainer and so much more! My mission is to empower you to reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom. I’m passionate about helping you understand the challenges of feeling trapped in discomfort. Through somatic practices I help you release trauma and nurture the subconscious mind so you can process your emotions effectively. I’m a true believer that health is not just about taking care of just the physical body; It’s about tapping into your body’s intelligence for healing, creating harmony between your physical, emotional, and spiritual selves, cultivating self-love, self-care, and awareness for sustained well-being. As an ex ballerina and bodybuilder, for the longest time I thought being healthy was about exercising, consuming nutrient dense high quality foods and taking supplements and herbs, which I still do all these things but my approach after being in the health industry for over 10 years as a wellness coach and bodybuilder has changed. Without addressing the body’s needs, maintaining a healthy frequency and releasing trauma from the body, lasting healing remains elusive. If you enjoy my practices send me a message on instagram, let’s connect!

Photo of Elisabeth Kristof MA
Elisabeth Kristof, MA
Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Founder

Elisabeth Kristof, MA, is an expert in nervous system health for trauma resolution and behavior change. She is the founder of Brain-Based Wellness, an online platform that trains the nervous system and body to resolve old patterns, improve performance and increase well-being. She is co-host of the Trauma Rewired podcast that teaches you about your nervous system, how trauma lives in the body and what you can do to heal.
Elisabeth is a certified applied neurology practitioner who has been in the wellness industry since 2007. She works with entrepreneurs, athletes, leaders and creatives to improve resilience, manage stress and regulate emotions through intentional, science-based brain training.
She is also the founder of Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Certification, an ICF-accredited course that teaches leading-edge, neuro-somatic coaching that creates client transformation from the body to the brain.

Photo of Katie Kurtz MSW LISW-S
Katie Kurtz, MSW LISW-S
Trauma-Informed Training Specialist

Katie Kurtz, MSW LISW-S (she/her) is a trauma-informed care subject matter expert specializing in delivering inclusive training and consultation that are adaptable for any profession. She is the creator of the Trauma Competency Framework™ and Trauma-Informed Space Holding (TISH) Blueprint™, which is the foundations of her trainings and leadership. Katie is the author of the reflective space holding tool, the Contain Card Deck©, published in 2022.
As an experienced social worker and certified coach, Katie has specialized in using trauma-informed practices to inform and lead programming and collaborative initiatives within the healthcare, government and corporate sectors. Her leadership and work has been awarded and internationally recognized within both the social work and coaching fields.
Katie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Gender Studies from the University of Dayton as well as a Master of Social Work degree and Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Case Western Reserve University. Katie is a licensed independent social worker with supervision designation (LISW-S) in the state of Ohio, an Internationally Certified Coach with BYCA, and a trauma-informed 200hr registered yoga teacher.
Katie’s approach is her own but instructed & inspired by so many teachers & modalities most notably but not limited to: Julie Parker, Resmaa Menakem, Brene Brown, Nadine Burke Harris, Bruce Perry, Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin. Katie lives as a guest on the unceded land now known as Cleveland, Ohio with her partner and two dogs.

Photo of Luci Lampe
Luci Lampe
Sex & Relationship Coach

Luci Lampe is a mom of 4, trauma-informed sex & relationship coach, award-winning singer and songwriter, commercial actress & print model, and 3X author. Her writing has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes,, CBS, and Fox.
After overcoming an autoimmune disorder and surviving hell as a family through her husband’s 2-year disability and depression, Luci returns with a bold, unapologetic message of freedom, courage, and healing.
Musically, she boasts a hooking pop sound with soulful, heartfelt vocals (think: TheWeeknd meets Christina and Shakira). Professionally, she draws upon her studies and certifications in neurolinguistic programming, somatic experiencingTM , cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, reiki, counseling, EFT tapping, and her degree in Exercise Science, to create unique, powerful programs and curricula for her clients and members.

Photo of Erin Logan
Erin Logan
Coach / Guide

By intuitively blending nervous system regulation practices, somatic / body-based practices, and deep inner exploration, Erin will guide you out of your mind and back into your body, where true integration and transformation can take place. She specializes in the areas of relationship anxiety/rOCD, relational trauma & attachment wounds, and spiritual exploration and expansion.
Her teachings and practices draw from science-backed techniques and modalities, years of passionate self-study and exploration, and mentorship from her incredible guides in the space of trauma integration and spiritual awakening. She is also currently completing a Somatic Attachment Therapy certification program from The Embody Lab.
No matter where you are in your journey, Erin will meet you where you are and guide you to be with what is present through gentleness and compassion
Create the safe container that will allow you to come out of the mind and settle back into your body
Help you learn and implement effective practices for coming home to your Self, embodying love, and finding your light

Photo of Kelsey Maeve
Kelsey Maeve
Somatic Trauma Resolution Coach

Kelsey Maeve is a somatic coach, expressive arts facilitator & educator who supports trauma survivors to connect to their bodies and transform stress and trauma while co-creating embodied cultures of consent, justice and pleasure. Kelsey is trained in Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Depth Psychology & ReBloom Coaching – an archetypal approach to post traumatic growth.

Photo of Alwande Mahlawe
Alwande Mahlawe
Somatic Sex & Relationship Coach

Alwande is a somatic sex and relationship coach with a desire to support her clients in returning to their embodied selves before shame and socialisation took over; through the usage of somatic and yogic tools. Her work focuses on shame empowerment, attachment and people pleasing wounding whilst reconciling one’s relationship with their worth and how these ruptures play out in their intra and interpersonal relationships. Alwande prides herself in fostering and creating spaces of bio-directional growth and community; where she gets to oscillate between the student and the teacher. She values rooting herself in environments that nurture safety, unconditional acceptance, non-judgment and love. Her work draws resonance from bell hooks and Marianne Williamson, whilst upholding the values of her teachers that have supported her thus far.

Photo of Rama Mahrous
Rama Mahrous
Trauma-Informed Life Coach

Rama is a Trauma Informed Life Coach who utilizes an intuitive, body-based, emotions-focused approach to healing. She is passionate about helping her clients regulate their nervous systems, reconnect to themselves, and reclaim the life they desire and deserve after chronic stress and trauma.

Photo of Sun Mee Martin
Sun Mee Martin
Holistic Coach

Sun Mee explores the meaning of true belonging in this transcultural world—She’s a trauma-informed Holistic Coach, Retreat Facilitator, and Founder of NUMARU—An international community and emotional support platform for transracial adoptees.
Sun Mee specializes in creating safe spaces and honest connections for individuals and groups to befriend their emotions, make peace with their stories, and cultivate a sense of inner belonging. As a Korean Adoptee, Sun Mee’s upbringing in Germany and living in different places have strongly informed her search for belonging. Her struggles led her to explore her roots, identity, and the power of holistic healing. Sun Mee’s multi-disciplinary approach weaves somatic and mindful practices with compassionate inquiry and creative self-explorations. Sun Mee works internationally with individuals, groups, and cultural organizations. Her story and project have been featured on media platforms in Europe, the US, and Australia—advocating for a more nuanced understanding of adoption, transcultural identity, and holistic wellbeing.

Photo of Prema McKeever
Prema McKeever
Somatic Therapy & Educator

Prema brings more than 20 years of experience in somatic therapy, Eastern medicine, breathwork, and meditation to heal the impacts of trauma. Her passion is empowering people to feel at home in their bodies and take control of their own health and well-being.

Photo of Bree Melanson
Bree Melanson
Spiritual Channel & Teacher

Bree Melanson is an international Channel and Teacher, celebrated for breaking down the divide between the material and metaphysical. Her mastery lies in her grounded approach to unlocking the mysticism in quantum healing, offering accessible framework and step-by-step processes for things like psychic development, self-healing and manifestation.

Photo of Monica Munguia
Monica Munguia
Yoga Teacher & Coach

Monica has been sharing yoga for 10 years and also has a background in various types of science and education. She loves to share yoga, coaching, and related holistic tools that help us live more free of past conditioning and limiting patterns so we can reconnect with the more peaceful, joyful, fearless, and expansive version of ourselves. She is an E-RYT200, RYT500 hour yoga teacher who facilitates online and international trainings, workshops, intensives, and retreats.
She trained in yoga nidra with Lily Goncalves of Blooming Lotus Yoga based in Bali in a methodology inspired by Swami Satyananda.

Photo of Karena Neukirchner
Karena Neukirchner
Trauma-Informed Emotional Healing Coach

Karena Neukirchner is a trauma-informed emotional healing coach who specializes in helping clients quickly identify and heal subconscious blocks, old emotional wounds, and self-sabotaging core beliefs that keep them from living lives of authenticity and joy.
Dedicated to helping her clients heal the wounds that are at the very root of their struggles, her work is deeply transformative, compassionate, and profound.
She’s also the host of the popular podcast, Somatic Healing Meditations.

Photo of Nafisah NK
Nafisah NK
Life & Relationships Coach

Nafisah (na-fi-sa) is all about self-mastery and emotional regulation. The focus of her work is helping people to integrate within themselves in order to create harmony among the mind (thoughts), body (behaviours/ actions), and soul (emotions). She shares her work through formulas, mapping, and strategies. The goal is to open to receive and allow all that is for YOU in every area of life.

Photo of Amélie Noiseux
Amélie Noiseux
Energy Healer

Hi gorgeous!
My name is Amelie and I am so excited our soul’s paths have crossed and we finally meet! BIG WARM HUG 🤗
I know one thing for sure.
You have a mission to fulfill and you are being called to step into it ❤️
I am on this earth to assist conscious leaders live their most LIT UP LIFE so they can create the MASSIVE impact and income they are called to create..
I ADORE what I do & and I can’t wait to help you on your journey 💗

Photo of Brooke Novick
Brooke Novick
Psychedelic Therapist

Brooke Novick is a psychedelic therapist and co-founder of Axis Mundi. Axis Mundi offers psychedelic therapy for healing and evolution. They provide resources and support that make sacred and intentional work with psychedelics accessible to those who feel called to it. Axis Mundi offers courses, sessions, and practitioner trainings.

Photo of Sarah O’Brien LCSW
Sarah O’Brien, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Sarah O’Brien is a psychotherapist, LCSW, licensed in 2 states; Virginia and Maryland. She holds certifications for clinical anxiety treatment (CCATP) and telemental health treatment (CTMH). She specializes in Anxiety Disorders, Substance Use Disorders and non-using Partner/Spouse, PTSD/Relational Trauma, relationship issues and developing healthy friendships and relationships. She has a full and thriving virtual practice where she sees clients college-age and up. She is also a trauma-informed Life Coach and Business Consultant and a Mental Health/Trauma Subject Matter Expert. She also been named a vetted Social Impact Catalyst.

Photo of Florencia Paludi
Florencia Paludi
Psychotherapist & Yoga Therapist

I am a psycotherapist cbt based and in the journey of my personal journey I realized the importance of integrating the body within my own process. I started studying integrative yoga therapy and in this journey I met Steven Porges Polyvagal theory. Since then I started investigating this wonderful theory and started applying it within my personal practice and with my clients.
I am also a safe and sound provider (SSP) which is an incredible auditory tool to also help clients feel better and connect better with themselves and with people around them. I recently finished the pain reprocessing therapy training which its all about signaling safety to our primitive brain so that you can engage with the pain in a different and more safe way.
I love sending my clients meditations and exercises so that they can engage with them outside the therapy space. When I found Somashare I loved the idea that other persons could benefit and enjoy the practices I make with kindness and dedication. Thanks Somashare for making me a part of this wonderful project!

Photo of Cynthia Perez LCSW
Cynthia Perez, LCSW
Clinical Therapist & InnerChild Hype Woman

Cynthia Perez, LCSW is a Licensed Therapist, storyteller and intuitive healer. Cynthia founded Rooted in Reflection after 15 years as a social worker in the field, schools and in clinics. As a college student, Cynthia worked at summer camps in the wilderness as a youth counselor and directed after-school programs for schools. These roles gave Cynthia the chance to create whimsical events and creative community experiences for underserved families in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. Cynthia found herself building community through creative outlets and noticed her inner child delighting in these joyful connections.
As a curious first generation daughter of immigrants from Yucatan, Mexico, Cynthia has found profound healing from inner child work through creativity, tapping and re-wiring her brain through positive visualization. During her time as a healthcare worker, the COVID- 19 pandemic proved many areas for new expansive approaches to whole body wellness and Cynthia set out on her divine calling to create safe spaces that are hopeful, brave, and restorative.
Armored with loving kindness and a compassion centered approach, Rooted in Reflection is centered around joyful approaches to creating expansive mindsets. From incorporating sound bowls, journaling and inner child visualizations, Cynthia approaches healing with whimsical softness. Cynthia has curated and facilitated mental health workshops, CEU courses, and in person speaking engagements that provide space for creativity, community and compassion. She is passionate about leading with softness, restorative justice and fierce loving kindness.

Photo of Aja Perry
Aja Perry
Therapist & Somatic Practitioner

Aja combines her expertise as an occupational therapist and somatic practitioner with her own lived experiences to guide individuals to their bodies’ innate wisdom to heal. Aja’s work is rooted in the values of authenticity, curiosity, and connection. Through various trauma-informed practices, you will find that healing is not about trying to change, fix, or escape parts of yourself, but rather building in the capacity to be with it all, and form a new relationship with it. Nothing you are able to feel is wrong.

Photo of Melissa Pollick
Melissa Pollick
Counselor & Somatic Therapist

Melissa is a psychological counselor and somatic experiencing practitioner. She holds space for others, allowing them to experience deep connection and presence is a safe way.

Photo of Aliza Rivka
Aliza Rivka
Dance/Movement Therapist

Aliza Rivka has served as a dance/movement therapist, professional DJ, ritual guide & embodied leader for over 15 years, helping to guide thousands of people to liberation through movement.

Photo of Veronica Rottman
Veronica Rottman
Somatic Healing Practitioner

Veronica is a Somatic Healing Practitioner who’s education and experience in somatics for the last 15 years has been one of her life’s greatest gifts. She weaves together her training in Somatic Experiencing with other modalities for a whole-person healing approach. Her background also includes Holistic Pelvic Care, Somatic Attachment Therapy (Embody Lab) Yoga, Reiki (master level) and birth work. She lives in Chicago with her two sons and husband. She loves nature, music, food, dancing, and time with her loved ones. She offers virtual and in-person 1:1 work, classes, immersions and retreats.

Photo of Samantha Ruberto
Samantha Ruberto
Intuitive Guide

Samantha Ruberto is a Master Life Coach who specializes in feminine embodiment, and has coached hundreds of women on how to claim and reach their deepest desires.
She is an ICF-certified coach, and her gifts lie in her ability to see and unblock your deepest fears so that you can live the life of your dreams.
Samantha’s method is centered in Shadow, Somantic, and Semantic Work – a powerful combination of grounded, inner transformational work that will help you change your life from the inside.
You may have seen Samantha as a featured life coach in Life Coach Magazine, heard her on TSN Radio, or listened in to her powerful podcast – Hello BeYouTiful.

Photo of Malka Russell
Malka Russell
Sound Artist

Malka is a sound artist, sound healer, and singer-songwriter, who synthesizes vibrational frequency, voice, and soulful sound, drawing you back to the truth of your heart.

Photo of Dr Avi Sanders
Dr Avi Sanders
Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologist helping individuals, couples and families to heal from anxiety and trauma using an eclectic and individualized approach that honors your individual needs and preferences.

Photo of Dr Janina Scarlet
Dr Janina Scarlet
Psychologist, Author, & Creativity Coach

Dr. Janina Scarlet is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, author, and a creativity coach. A Ukrainian-born refugee, she survived Chernobyl radiation and persecution. She immigrated to the United States at the age of 12 with her family and later, inspired by the X-Men, developed Superhero Therapy to help patients with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Dr. Scarlet is the recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award by the United Nations Association for her work on Superhero Therapy. Her work has been featured on Yahoo, BBC, NPR, Sunday Times, CNN, CW, ABC, The New York Times, Forbes, and many other outlets. She regularly consults on books and television shows, including HBO’s The Young Justice. She was also interviewed for Marvel’s MPower series and was portrayed as a comic book character in Gail Simone’s Seven Days graphic novel. Dr. Scarlet is the Lead Trauma Specialist at the Trauma and PTSD Healing Center.

Photo of Lisa Schlosberg MSW
Lisa Schlosberg, MSW
Trauma-Informed Health Coach

Lisa combines her expertise as a Social Worker (MSW), Certified Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Public Speaker to help emotional eaters & chronic dieters around the world achieve mind-body-soul health and wholeness. Holistic healing techniques helped Lisa understand how her own lifelong “morbid obesity” and Irritable Bowl Syndrome were both physical symptoms of psychological stress, unexpressed emotion, and unprocessed trauma. Having lost and maintained 150 pounds for more than a decade by healing her relationship with food (through emotional healing, somatic experiencing, mindset shifts, and more), Lisa’s mission is now to help people around the world overcome similar struggles by supporting them through the process of healing so they can live a life they love in a healthy body they are worthy of embodying. She is passionate about helping her clients understand their individual relationships to food, eating, weight, and body image so they can give up dieting and self-loathing forever and become aligned with, attuned to, understanding of, and loving toward themselves throughout the lifelong process of growth, transformation, and evolution. Her 14-week group coaching program is a transformational experience designed to empower you with the skills, tools, education, and support you need to use your struggle with food & body as a path to mind-body-soul alignment so you can embody a life of freedom.

Photo of Sara Schneider
Sara Schneider
Somatic IFS Practitioner

I hold space for you and your healing parts.
Utilizing Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Somatic based practices my intention is to welcome whatever is present with compassion and curiosity. I take a lean-in approach as opposed to a fixing approach. How can we hold space for all of you without trying to force anything. And realizing that everything we do has its own inner wisdom to learn from and support.
I hold dearly the mind-body connection in the healing process of both mental and physical ailments. As a Craniosacral Therapist, I understand that holding space for healing is not a mental practice, but a body practice.
It takes a village to heal a child.
May we have enough inner and outer resources to feel supported and nourished by as we heal the collective. Making space for that a new generation of inner children that will be overflowing with love and inner health.

Photo of Megan Schnetzer
Megan Schnetzer
Somatic & Trauma Practitioner

Megan Schnetzer is a trauma survivor turned trauma trained somatic practitioner who works at the Healing Hub. She has training and certification in the following: Complex PTSD, Trauma & Resilience, Polyvagal Theory & Nervous System Regulation, Somatic Attachments, and Integrative Somatic Parts Work. She also works at a local University where she brings awareness to the need for trauma-informed approaches in schools and curricula. She is passionate about helping other people process their past trauma and hurt so that they can step into the beautiful future they deserve – a future where they are no longer just surviving… but thriving. She lives in Delaware with her husband, dog, and three kids. She loves spending time with her family, music, writing, and any activity that involves being outside! (feel free to take off the last sentence if it is too many characters)

Photo of Maxi Schönteich
Maxi Schönteich
Trauma-Informed Pain Expert

Maxi Schönteich MOst, is an osteopath & functional medicine practitioner specialising in psychophysiological disorder and chronic pain. Her passion for mind-body interventions allow for a one-of-a-kind approach to helping patients relate to pain differenty, and move towards recovery. She lives in Hong Kong with her partner and her rescue dog. She loves nature, music, food, dancing, and time with her loved ones. She offers virtual and in-person 1:1 work.

Photo of Julia Shneyderman
Julia Shneyderman
Coach & Somatic Practitioner

Julia is a life coach informed through the lenses of functional somatics, mindset coaching, and yoga. Her one-on-one work with clients facilitates transformation through the pathway of guiding individuals to deeper self love and self acceptance. Outside of her role as a coach, Julia serves as a dentist. She enjoys working with other healthcare professionals, as well as highly sensitive individuals, and those struggling with anxiety and perfectionism.

Photo of Gabi Varga
Gabi Varga
Trauma-Informed Personal Trainer

Gabi is The Trauma-Informed Personal Trainer, working with women who are ready to heal their physical injuries, numbness in the body and dissociation tendencies by slowing down their movement routine and learning to become in-tuned with their body by using tools such as foam roller and lacrosse ball.
Working with Gabi women learn the power of saying ‘hell yes’ what feels good to the body and ‘hell no’ what doesn’t feel good to the body. Clients also practice body autonomy for feeling liberated physically, emotionally and mentally.
Gabi makes her clients feel seen, heard, and supported throughout the process of working together.

Photo of Lindsay Vine MPH, PRT
Lindsay Vine, MPH, PRT
ME/CFS, Navigator & Recovery Coach

I’m Lindsay Vine, the ME/CFS Programs Navigator & Recovery Coach. I have a masters degree in Public Health and over 7 years of healing experience from debilitating CFS. I’m certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy and took the 4 month mind body coaching course through Embodylab.
I am dedicated to connecting those suffering from ME/CFS, Long Covid, Fibromyalgia and other nervous system disorders with the resources they need to heal. Myself and Liz Carlson have an in-depth Online CFS Recovery Programs guide out, and I host the popular recovery podcast called Post Viral, where I interview world renowned experts in different healing modalities.
I coach people 1-2-1 in the four key areas of mind body recovery ( lifestyle & pacing, brain retraining, somatic bodywork and self discovery work). I provide the information and resources you need at an affordable price.

Photo of Katherine Weed MA
Katherine Weed, MA
Psychotherapist, Coach & Speaker

Katherine Weed, MA Psych, is a psychotherapist, coach & speaker. She helps women dive deep into their healing process, and explore outdated survival patterns & old learned ways of being so that they can reconnect with the truth of who they *actually* are underneath it all. This allows for a healthier, more positive relationship with themselves, as well as with the people they love. She is also a very real, relatable human being who has walked her own often-twisting, convoluted path, and is genuinely passionate about helping support others on their journey.

Photo of Dr Albert Wong
Dr Albert Wong
Somatic Clinician & Educator

Dr. Albert Wong is the former Director of Somatic Psychology at JFK University and a leading clinician and educator in the field of somatics. A Marshall Scholar educated at Princeton and Oxford, Dr. Albert Wong has been honored for his work in psychotherapy by The Northern California Community for Emotion Focused Therapy, the American Psychological Association Psychoanalytic Division, and the Yale Psychoanalytic Research Training Program. In the 1990s, he served as residential staff at the Esalen Institute for five years and has been featured on PBS, in Time Magazine, and the book The American Soul Rush. His work has been published in titles ranging from the scientific journal Biological Cybernetics to the book anthology Radical Spirit. One of his film projects, Step One Breathe, was named Best Drama at the Maryville Film Festival. He recently presented a workshop at the International Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy entitled Many Dances, One Rhythm: A Somatic Exploration of Gestalt-Based Movement Practices, as well as the International Expressive Arts Association Conference.

Photo of Marina Yanay-Triner
Marina Yanay-Triner
Somatic Life & Business Coach

Marina is the compassionate somatic coach, working with people who want to experience more aliveness and deep transformation through a somatic, body-based approach addressing their stuckness, triggers, and regulating their nervous system.

Photo of Tanya Zajdel
Tanya Zajdel
Registered Nurse

Tanya’s work with trauma healing and survivorship has been featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, CBC News, Vox Tablet and Iheart Radio.
Tanya is a mental health worker, a women’s health nurse, and a published feminist author. Tanya focuses primarily on creating programs that facilitate trauma healing through creating new neural connections in the brain called ‘neuroplasticity exercises’.
Her techniques combine various well-known therapies to repair and reset the nervous system after trauma including somatic therapy, yoga, drama therapy, CBT, Qigong, EMDR, vagal toning, authentic movement, and a combination of expressive, creative art therapies

Photo of Guillaume Zeender
Guillaume Zeender
Somatic Shamanic Practitioner

Guillaume is a trauma informed shamanic practitioner. He has combined the wisdom of traditional shamanic tools and the work with the energies of nature with somatic practices and his knowledge on trauma. Guillaume helps people who struggle with chronic symptoms to find a renewed sense of ease, flow and connection with themselves and life.

Photo of Petra Zlota
Petra Zlota
Healer, Therapist, Mentor & Coach

I empower my clients to activate their body’s innate wisdom and healing potential to accelerate multi-level healing. I am a multi-dimensional timeline collapser and ancestor invoker guiding you to heal past, present, and future through the generations, and connecting you to your creative life force to empower you towards the highest expression for the greatest effect in your life right now. I apply my therapeutic, somatic, shamanic, and energetic wisdom, knowledge, and tools for integrated healing and transformation.
I am a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am a certified facilitator of Chakradance™ movement therapy modality, certified in Restorative CranioSacral Therapy (L1), and Soul Realignment. I have extensive training in Creative Consciousness Coaching, cacao ceremony leadership and multi-dimensional healing and channeling. I am also a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

Photo of Nadine Zumot
Nadine Zumot
Holistic Money Coach

Creator of The Money Healing Podcast, Nadine Zumot is a Holistic, Trauma Informed Money Coach and Spiritual Money Mentor, who empowers her communities to heal their relationship with money using her 3-Step Money Healing Blueprint, so they can create and embody the most joyful expression of their lives and experience fulfilling abundance.

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