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What Is SomaShare?

Co-founded by a conscious programmer and somatic, body-based healing coach, SomaShare is an app that brings practical, easy to follow tools and a communal space to support people in deep healing and transformation.

SomaShare was created to encourage a shift from black and white thinking into inclusive, nuanced and emotionally mature ways of being through practices like nervous system regulation, emotional healing tools and more, to create a resilient life. 

We thoughtfully select the best practitioners: our goal is to create a trauma-informed platform that will never push individuals too far out of their comfort zone, or shame them for their pace of transformation. Instead, practices will challenge participants just enough to create powerful, integrated shifts in their ways of being. 


Discover the 6 Categories of Practice

Emotional Healing

At SomaShare, we believe in the beauty of experiencing and honoring life’s full spectrum of emotions. From the depths of anger to the heights of joy, each emotion can teach you, shape you, and help you grow. Every emotion has its place and purpose in your journey, and these practices will help you recognize and appreciate them.

Regulate My Nervous System

We approach nervous system regulation as an opportunity to learn how to move through states like overwhelm, anxiety or shutdown and into inner alignment and resilience.

These practices are not designed to help you eliminate states of anxiety and overwhelm (as they serve a purpose), but rather to support your body in discerning when they are needed and when they are not, and if not, to flow out of them and into presence and peace.

Feel More Pleasure

These practices focus on tuning in to bodily sensations and increasing awareness of pleasure. This heightened sensitivity can lead to a more profound experience of touch and intimacy, both individual and relational.

Understanding one’s own body, desires, and boundaries can also empower individuals to communicate more effectively with their partners, which fosters a shared journey of exploration and growth and contributes to a healthier sexual dynamic built on mutual consent and understanding.

Change My Patterns & Habits

These practices encourage embodied mindfulness and self-regulation skills for impulse management. Once you learn to recognize your reactive patterns, you have the opportunity to interrupt them and choose different, more intentional actions.

Many practices will also encourage you to explore the root causes of your unwanted patterns and habits, as they often arise as coping mechanisms for stress or unprocessed emotions. By addressing these underlying issues, your body will release the stored tension and stress and the need for habitual behaviors will reduce, allowing for more profound and lasting change.

Set Aligned Goals

These practices are meant to help you set goals that reflect your true values and beliefs, goals that feel right in your body and soul. When your goals are deeply embodied and aligned with your values, you’re much more likely to achieve them. This alignment fosters a sense of purpose and authenticity, keeping you motivated and resilient. 

Profound Anxiety Relief

These practices provide a holistic approach to anxiety relief, offering sustainable tools for managing stress, improving emotional well-being, and reclaiming a sense of peace and calm in your daily life.

Many practices will also address the root causes of the tension and stress held within your body. Fostering a deeper connection to your body’s innate wisdom will help you release the pent-up stressors and traumas that may be causing your anxiety.

Our app features over 180 practices by 80+ world-renowned somatic practitioners, including Dr. Albert Wong, Anna Ferguson, Guillaume ZeenderNatalie Kennedy, Lexy FlorentinaChristine EartheartAlissa BoyerDanica HarrisMarina Yanay-Triner, Luci LampeMaxi Schönteich, and more!

Our Values

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Integrity is at the core of our company at SomaShare. When we are in integrity, it means we bring you the best content to support you in living in alignment with your values, feeling more regulated, present and empowered in your life.

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SomaShare allows you to find the places where you are off balance and practice returning to internal grounding and intentionally create harmony in your life.

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SomaShare is inviting you to be part of a community where you feel a sense of belonging and you’re connected deeply to yourself and others.

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At SomaShare, you’ll receive the support you need to tap into your own resourcefulness to move equanimously through challenges, while staying connected to your heart and vision.

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We are both on an individual and communal journey – being of service means you care about others and that you want to be inclusive of diverse needs.

Our Co-Founders

SomaShare was co-founded by Tomer, conscious programmer and CEO, and Marina Yanay-Triner, somatic healing coach.

Tomer enjoys harnessing technology to create a more connected world, addressing moral and ethical issues in programming. Marina has been in the coaching industry for over 10 years, and has become a leading expert in the field of somatic healing.

They decided to bring their forces together to create an app that integrated deeply healing practices to help achieve their mission of a trauma-informed society — where people know how to process their emotions and take responsibility for their actions and lives. Marina brought her coaching skills and connections to hundreds of incredible trauma-informed practitioners, and Tomer brought his powerful leadership, conscious programming philosophy, and skills.

Marina and Tomer enjoy sharing their experience as life partners of 13 years, and co-creators of the company. They have traveled the world, lived in multiple countries and are currently located in Costa Rica.

Somatic Practitioner -- Compassionate Somatic Coach & SomaShare co-founder

Marina Yanay-Triner

VP Strategic Partnerships & Content

Marina got into the personal development world because her first business (a vegan food blog + nutrition coaching) was soooo stuck and she wanted to find some tools to move it forward. The frustration was sky high – she spent hours trying to figure out how to have the income and impact that she knew in her heart she could have, but wasn’t.

Then, she found the personal development world. She would recite affirmations and listen to all these motivational speeches (sort of in secret, she was a bit embarrassed…) but still saw no change.

This is when Marina found the world of somatics – body based healing. She went to many years of somatic therapy, and started to study somatics herself.

It was fascinating, and profoundly healing! So much so that she created a multiple 5 figure business supporting people’s healing, and speaking about the impact of trauma on people’s lives. 

headshot of SomaShare co-founder Tomer Yanay-Triner

Tomer Yanay

CEO & Conscious Programmer

Tomer has always been a curious child (he would take apart all electrical appliances and then put them back together since he was 5 years old).

He became an awesome autodidact: teaching himself programming and many other cool skills.

Even though programming can be conceived as something very technical and analytical (detached from emotion), Tomer loves to see programming as a lifestyle full of emotions, balance, and beauty, approached with an open heart. He believes this style of conscious programming can provide conscious solutions to the problems we have in the world.

In his early 20s, Tomer became depressed after moving in with Marina. This transition forced him to face many childhood traumas and what helped him the most were somatic methods, working with his body through trauma, fear, and self sabotaging behaviors.

Since then, it became a routine that he incorporated into his life. It made him connect more to his spirituality and have a more open heart.

A Look at the App

SomaShare invites you to be part of a community where you feel a sense of belonging and you’re connected deeply to yourself and others. You’ll receive the support you need to tap into your own resourcefulness and move equanimously through challenges, while staying connected to your heart and vision.

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