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SomaShare somatic practitioner community benefits

Since SomaShare launched last June, we have already had over 35,000 downloads and hundreds of active daily users! 

Our app features over 180 practices by 80+ world-renowned somatic practitioners, including Dr. Albert Wong, Anna Ferguson, Guillaume Zeender, Natalie Kennedy, Lexy FlorentinaChristine Eartheart, Alissa Boyer, Danica Harris, Marina Yanay-Triner, Luci Lampe, Maxi Schönteich, and more!

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About Us

 SomaShare is an app that brings practical, easy-to-follow tools and a communal space to support people in deep healing and transformation.

We created SomaShare to encourage a shift from black and white thinking into inclusive, nuanced and emotionally mature ways of being through practices like nervous system regulation, emotional healing tools and more — to create a resilient life.

We thoughtfully select the best practitioners; our goal is to create a trauma-informed platform that will never push individuals too far out of their comfort zone, or shame them for their pace of transformation. Instead, practices will challenge participants just enough to create powerful, integrated shifts in their ways of being.

Somatic Healing Practitioner Veronica Rottman SomaShare Testimonial
Trauma-Informed Pain Expert Maxi Schonteich SomaShare Testimonial
Trauma-Informed Life Coach Rama Mahrous SomaShare Testimonial
Trauma-Informed Training Specialist Katie Kurtz SomaShare Practitioner Testimonial

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What are the requirements to become a SomaShare practitioner?

Since we aim to feature a diverse range of somatic practitioners, we only ask that your work is trauma-informed. 

What do I need to submit in my application?

During the application process, you will be guided to submit a short bio, up to 3 personal links (optional), and your photo. The information and links would then be featured on your app practitioner page, giving our users an opportunity to work with you.

Do you have an example of what content you require?

Here is an example: (this is a mobile link and will only open if you have downloaded the SomaShare app). We are currently only accepting guided audio practices.

Is there a cost to be associated with the app?

There is no cost to be associated with the app.

Do we get compensated for our content?

We are not currently providing compensation for recordings. However, we are rolling out new features to allow you to make money directly off the app, and we are excited to give you the opportunity for massive exposure with minimal, passive effort without the daunting hassle of constant marketing.

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