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Welcome to our curated selection of products designed to complement and enhance your somatic meditation journey. We’ve carefully handpicked these items to support and deepen your practice, ensuring you have the tools you need for a fulfilling experience.

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Pranamat ECO

Acupuncture massage mats can complement somatic work by promoting relaxation, enhancing body awareness, and stimulating the body’s energy flow or chi.

Pranamat ECO is on a mission to bring therapeutic and sustainable acupressure massage wellness to every home.

Marina, our co-founder, loves using the Pranamat ECO during her yoga nidra practice, mid day. It helps her relax deeply, let go of thoughts, release muscle tension and feel truly supported. It is an amazing accompaniment to deeply relaxing SomaShare yoga nidra practices, and a wonderful way to pause during a tight work schedule and take a nervous system break!

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