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Khrissie Farrands

Somatic Movement Healer
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With a 10-year career in design and branding, Khrissie is not just a healer but a creative visionary. Her journey, deeply rooted in personal adversity, blossomed into a life dedicated to guiding women through transformative healing. Merging her artistic flair with somatic movement healing, Khrissie brings a unique, creative approach to wellness, helping her clients uncover their true potential in vibrant, innovative ways.
Khrissie’s empathy extends beyond her clients. Her heart resonates with the global community, evident in her support for children in Nepal. Following the devastating earthquake, she embarked on a charity trip, contributing to the rebuilding of communities and nurturing hope amidst despair. This compassion is mirrored in her advocacy for sustainable brands, aligning her professional ethos with environmental and social consciousness.
Currently training as a medicine woman in the divine feminine and ancestral healing, Khrissie is deepening her spiritual connection. Her unfolding spiritual gifts enhance her intuition, allowing her to forge a deeper bond with her clients and the natural world.
Khrissie’s commitment to empowerment is not limited to her healing practice. She actively supports female founders, hosting workshops within their programs, and teaches in-person classes across the UK. Her work is a tapestry of healing, creativity, and empowerment, fostering a community where women are not only seen and heard but are also inspired to put themselves first.
Khrissie’s life is a testament to the power of resilience, creativity, and connectedness. Join her on this journey of healing, growth, and transformation – where every step is infused with creativity, a deep respect for the Earth, and the warmth of chai lattes.

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