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Elisabeth Kristof, MA

Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Founder
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Elisabeth Kristof, MA, is an expert in nervous system health for trauma resolution and behavior change. She is the founder of Brain-Based Wellness, an online platform that trains the nervous system and body to resolve old patterns, improve performance and increase well-being. She is co-host of the Trauma Rewired podcast that teaches you about your nervous system, how trauma lives in the body and what you can do to heal.
Elisabeth is a certified applied neurology practitioner who has been in the wellness industry since 2007. She works with entrepreneurs, athletes, leaders and creatives to improve resilience, manage stress and regulate emotions through intentional, science-based brain training.
She is also the founder of Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Certification, an ICF-accredited course that teaches leading-edge, neuro-somatic coaching that creates client transformation from the body to the brain.

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