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Photo of Salimah Kassim-Lakha
Salimah Kassim-Lakha
Yoga Therapist

Charismatic and impactful communicator, Salimah Kassim-Lakha is an internationally-recognized and sought-after leader in health and wellness. With a commitment to trauma informed, accessible practices and a natural talent for creating connection, Salimah unites and guides her clients under a mindful and soulful approach to wellbeing. With a background in Public Service, Salimah has taken her business and management skills to building an industry-leading yoga studio and online teacher training program. For her next venture, Salimah is working with corporations, non for profit and community agencies to continue her legacy of creating transformation, leadership and impact.

Photo of Natalie Kennedy
Natalie Kennedy
Mindfulness Practitioner

Natalie Kennedy is a relationship anxiety coach and meditation teacher teaching mindfulness in partnership. After 5 years battling anxiety and doubt in her relationship, she has come out the other side crazy about her now-husband, lover, and partner in life, and excitedly shares her journey with others.

Photo of Dr Cathleen King DPT
Dr Cathleen King, DPT
Physical Therapist

Dr. Cathleen King, DPT is a physical therapist, and neuroscience educator of chronic illness and trauma healing and founder of the Primal Trust™ Academy & Community. She weaves together brain retraining, vagus nerve toning, somatics, and trauma-informed attachment repair techniques in her online program. She personally found freedom from over a decade of debilitating health chronic Lyme disease, CFS, mold toxicity, PTSD and more.

Photo of Effie Kli MA
Effie Kli, MA
Somatic Coach & Trauma Educator

Effie Kli is a trauma-trained Somatic Coach & Educator specialised in childhood trauma. Through a somatic-based psychotherapeutic approach she helps people release trauma stored in their body that leads to cycles of self-sabotage, addiction and illness, so they go from simply surviving to thriving.

Photo of Veera Korjala
Veera Korjala
Holistic Wellness Coach

Veera Korjala is a Holistic Wellness and Emotional Empowerment Coach, supporting women in creating more authentic expression, emotional healing and connection to their hearts. Holding certifications in Yoga, Meditation, Mind-Body Coaching, and Chakra Energy Healing as well as Master’s in Kinesiology and Exercise Psychology, she brings inspiration and empowerment to the lives of others to feel aligned and alive in their bodies, minds and souls.
Having previously battled with severe autoimmune issues, emotional roller coasters of closed relationships, $56 dollars on her pocket moving to another city, and starting from scratch in 4 countries she’s lived, she knows the inner turmoil that one can hold while navigating through life challenges and the mindset that is needed to support one’s journey.
Veera’s mission is to help women to slow down, claim their power back and express their truth out to the universe of infinite possibilities, in a healthy, compassionate way.

Photo of Georgia Kostopoulou
Georgia Kostopoulou
Integrative Somatic Practitioner

Hi! I’m Georgia, a dedicated Somatic Trauma Practitioner, yoga instructor, energy healer, personal trainer and so much more! My mission is to empower you to reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom. I’m passionate about helping you understand the challenges of feeling trapped in discomfort. Through somatic practices I help you release trauma and nurture the subconscious mind so you can process your emotions effectively. I’m a true believer that health is not just about taking care of just the physical body; It’s about tapping into your body’s intelligence for healing, creating harmony between your physical, emotional, and spiritual selves, cultivating self-love, self-care, and awareness for sustained well-being. As an ex ballerina and bodybuilder, for the longest time I thought being healthy was about exercising, consuming nutrient dense high quality foods and taking supplements and herbs, which I still do all these things but my approach after being in the health industry for over 10 years as a wellness coach and bodybuilder has changed. Without addressing the body’s needs, maintaining a healthy frequency and releasing trauma from the body, lasting healing remains elusive. If you enjoy my practices send me a message on instagram, let’s connect!

Photo of Elisabeth Kristof MA
Elisabeth Kristof, MA
Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Founder

Elisabeth Kristof, MA, is an expert in nervous system health for trauma resolution and behavior change. She is the founder of Brain-Based Wellness, an online platform that trains the nervous system and body to resolve old patterns, improve performance and increase well-being. She is co-host of the Trauma Rewired podcast that teaches you about your nervous system, how trauma lives in the body and what you can do to heal.
Elisabeth is a certified applied neurology practitioner who has been in the wellness industry since 2007. She works with entrepreneurs, athletes, leaders and creatives to improve resilience, manage stress and regulate emotions through intentional, science-based brain training.
She is also the founder of Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Certification, an ICF-accredited course that teaches leading-edge, neuro-somatic coaching that creates client transformation from the body to the brain.

Photo of Katie Kurtz MSW LISW-S
Katie Kurtz, MSW LISW-S
Trauma-Informed Training Specialist

Katie Kurtz, MSW LISW-S (she/her) is a trauma-informed care subject matter expert specializing in delivering inclusive training and consultation that are adaptable for any profession. She is the creator of the Trauma Competency Framework™ and Trauma-Informed Space Holding (TISH) Blueprint™, which is the foundations of her trainings and leadership. Katie is the author of the reflective space holding tool, the Contain Card Deck©, published in 2022.
As an experienced social worker and certified coach, Katie has specialized in using trauma-informed practices to inform and lead programming and collaborative initiatives within the healthcare, government and corporate sectors. Her leadership and work has been awarded and internationally recognized within both the social work and coaching fields.
Katie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Gender Studies from the University of Dayton as well as a Master of Social Work degree and Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Case Western Reserve University. Katie is a licensed independent social worker with supervision designation (LISW-S) in the state of Ohio, an Internationally Certified Coach with BYCA, and a trauma-informed 200hr registered yoga teacher.
Katie’s approach is her own but instructed & inspired by so many teachers & modalities most notably but not limited to: Julie Parker, Resmaa Menakem, Brene Brown, Nadine Burke Harris, Bruce Perry, Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin. Katie lives as a guest on the unceded land now known as Cleveland, Ohio with her partner and two dogs.

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