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Photo of Kelsey Maeve
Kelsey Maeve
Somatic Trauma Resolution Coach

Kelsey Maeve is a somatic coach, expressive arts facilitator & educator who supports trauma survivors to connect to their bodies and transform stress and trauma while co-creating embodied cultures of consent, justice and pleasure. Kelsey is trained in Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Depth Psychology & ReBloom Coaching – an archetypal approach to post traumatic growth.

Photo of Alwande Mahlawe
Alwande Mahlawe
Somatic Sex & Relationship Coach

Alwande is a somatic sex and relationship coach with a desire to support her clients in returning to their embodied selves before shame and socialisation took over; through the usage of somatic and yogic tools. Her work focuses on shame empowerment, attachment and people pleasing wounding whilst reconciling one’s relationship with their worth and how these ruptures play out in their intra and interpersonal relationships. Alwande prides herself in fostering and creating spaces of bio-directional growth and community; where she gets to oscillate between the student and the teacher. She values rooting herself in environments that nurture safety, unconditional acceptance, non-judgment and love. Her work draws resonance from bell hooks and Marianne Williamson, whilst upholding the values of her teachers that have supported her thus far.

Photo of Rama Mahrous
Rama Mahrous
Trauma-Informed Life Coach

Rama is a Trauma Informed Life Coach who utilizes an intuitive, body-based, emotions-focused approach to healing. She is passionate about helping her clients regulate their nervous systems, reconnect to themselves, and reclaim the life they desire and deserve after chronic stress and trauma.

Photo of Sun Mee Martin
Sun Mee Martin
Holistic Coach

Sun Mee explores the meaning of true belonging in this transcultural world—She’s a trauma-informed Holistic Coach, Retreat Facilitator, and Founder of NUMARU—An international community and emotional support platform for transracial adoptees.
Sun Mee specializes in creating safe spaces and honest connections for individuals and groups to befriend their emotions, make peace with their stories, and cultivate a sense of inner belonging. As a Korean Adoptee, Sun Mee’s upbringing in Germany and living in different places have strongly informed her search for belonging. Her struggles led her to explore her roots, identity, and the power of holistic healing. Sun Mee’s multi-disciplinary approach weaves somatic and mindful practices with compassionate inquiry and creative self-explorations. Sun Mee works internationally with individuals, groups, and cultural organizations. Her story and project have been featured on media platforms in Europe, the US, and Australia—advocating for a more nuanced understanding of adoption, transcultural identity, and holistic wellbeing.

Photo of Prema McKeever
Prema McKeever
Somatic Therapy & Educator

Prema brings more than 20 years of experience in somatic therapy, Eastern medicine, breathwork, and meditation to heal the impacts of trauma. Her passion is empowering people to feel at home in their bodies and take control of their own health and well-being.

Photo of Bree Melanson
Bree Melanson
Spiritual Channel & Teacher

Bree Melanson is an international Channel and Teacher, celebrated for breaking down the divide between the material and metaphysical. Her mastery lies in her grounded approach to unlocking the mysticism in quantum healing, offering accessible framework and step-by-step processes for things like psychic development, self-healing and manifestation.

Photo of Monica Munguia
Monica Munguia
Yoga Teacher & Coach

Monica has been sharing yoga for 10 years and also has a background in various types of science and education. She loves to share yoga, coaching, and related holistic tools that help us live more free of past conditioning and limiting patterns so we can reconnect with the more peaceful, joyful, fearless, and expansive version of ourselves. She is an E-RYT200, RYT500 hour yoga teacher who facilitates online and international trainings, workshops, intensives, and retreats.
She trained in yoga nidra with Lily Goncalves of Blooming Lotus Yoga based in Bali in a methodology inspired by Swami Satyananda.

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