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Sun Mee Martin

Holistic Coach
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Sun Mee explores the meaning of true belonging in this transcultural world—She’s a trauma-informed Holistic Coach, Retreat Facilitator, and Founder of NUMARU—An international community and emotional support platform for transracial adoptees.
Sun Mee specializes in creating safe spaces and honest connections for individuals and groups to befriend their emotions, make peace with their stories, and cultivate a sense of inner belonging. As a Korean Adoptee, Sun Mee’s upbringing in Germany and living in different places have strongly informed her search for belonging. Her struggles led her to explore her roots, identity, and the power of holistic healing. Sun Mee’s multi-disciplinary approach weaves somatic and mindful practices with compassionate inquiry and creative self-explorations. Sun Mee works internationally with individuals, groups, and cultural organizations. Her story and project have been featured on media platforms in Europe, the US, and Australia—advocating for a more nuanced understanding of adoption, transcultural identity, and holistic wellbeing.

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