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Alwande Mahlawe

Somatic Sex & Relationship Coach
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Alwande is a somatic sex and relationship coach with a desire to support her clients in returning to their embodied selves before shame and socialisation took over; through the usage of somatic and yogic tools. Her work focuses on shame empowerment, attachment and people pleasing wounding whilst reconciling one’s relationship with their worth and how these ruptures play out in their intra and interpersonal relationships. Alwande prides herself in fostering and creating spaces of bio-directional growth and community; where she gets to oscillate between the student and the teacher. She values rooting herself in environments that nurture safety, unconditional acceptance, non-judgment and love. Her work draws resonance from bell hooks and Marianne Williamson, whilst upholding the values of her teachers that have supported her thus far.

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