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Veera Korjala

Holistic Wellness Coach
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Veera Korjala is a Holistic Wellness and Emotional Empowerment Coach, supporting women in creating more authentic expression, emotional healing and connection to their hearts. Holding certifications in Yoga, Meditation, Mind-Body Coaching, and Chakra Energy Healing as well as Master’s in Kinesiology and Exercise Psychology, she brings inspiration and empowerment to the lives of others to feel aligned and alive in their bodies, minds and souls.
Having previously battled with severe autoimmune issues, emotional roller coasters of closed relationships, $56 dollars on her pocket moving to another city, and starting from scratch in 4 countries she’s lived, she knows the inner turmoil that one can hold while navigating through life challenges and the mindset that is needed to support one’s journey.
Veera’s mission is to help women to slow down, claim their power back and express their truth out to the universe of infinite possibilities, in a healthy, compassionate way.

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