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Shely Esses-Strom, LMFT & RP

Sex Therapist
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Hello everyone!
Helping people feel comfortable in their bodies is my mission statement. I am passionate about combining different modalities & techniques to help each person based on their individual needs. I often relate to the mind-body-soul connection. My integrative approach is intuitive based on each client that walks through my door. I often use an Experiential-Holistic approach mixed with Narrative, Solution Focused & Nervous System Regulation. However I also pull from Imago, Non-Violent Communication, Bowenian & Positive Psychology.
As I continue to build my personal brand of therapy it includes both traditional talk therapy and energy medicine. I use deep meditation, somatic movement, Vagus Nerve activation and inner child healing. I use Jewish Mysticism and Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom as my base.
When I am not working you can catch me frolicking on the grass, listening to music and eating rice with black eyed peas (Lubia). I am a wife and mama bear of two girls. Our family dream is to spend all summer long living off grid in our R.V.

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