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Cynthia Perez, LCSW

Clinical Therapist & InnerChild Hype Woman
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Cynthia Perez, LCSW is a Licensed Therapist, storyteller and intuitive healer. Cynthia founded Rooted in Reflection after 15 years as a social worker in the field, schools and in clinics. As a college student, Cynthia worked at summer camps in the wilderness as a youth counselor and directed after-school programs for schools. These roles gave Cynthia the chance to create whimsical events and creative community experiences for underserved families in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. Cynthia found herself building community through creative outlets and noticed her inner child delighting in these joyful connections.
As a curious first generation daughter of immigrants from Yucatan, Mexico, Cynthia has found profound healing from inner child work through creativity, tapping and re-wiring her brain through positive visualization. During her time as a healthcare worker, the COVID- 19 pandemic proved many areas for new expansive approaches to whole body wellness and Cynthia set out on her divine calling to create safe spaces that are hopeful, brave, and restorative.
Armored with loving kindness and a compassion centered approach, Rooted in Reflection is centered around joyful approaches to creating expansive mindsets. From incorporating sound bowls, journaling and inner child visualizations, Cynthia approaches healing with whimsical softness. Cynthia has curated and facilitated mental health workshops, CEU courses, and in person speaking engagements that provide space for creativity, community and compassion. She is passionate about leading with softness, restorative justice and fierce loving kindness.

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