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Megan Schnetzer

Somatic & Trauma Practitioner
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Megan Schnetzer is a trauma survivor turned trauma trained somatic practitioner who works at the Healing Hub. She has training and certification in the following: Complex PTSD, Trauma & Resilience, Polyvagal Theory & Nervous System Regulation, Somatic Attachments, and Integrative Somatic Parts Work. She also works at a local University where she brings awareness to the need for trauma-informed approaches in schools and curricula. She is passionate about helping other people process their past trauma and hurt so that they can step into the beautiful future they deserve – a future where they are no longer just surviving… but thriving. She lives in Delaware with her husband, dog, and three kids. She loves spending time with her family, music, writing, and any activity that involves being outside! (feel free to take off the last sentence if it is too many characters)

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