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Lexy Florentina

Somatic Practitioner
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My name is Lexy Florentina Borja and I’m a Trauma Trained Somatic Practitioner helping people release stored stress, elevate their relationships and reconnect with their body.
I have completed over 500 hours of client work and training in Trauma Informed Coaching, PolyVagal Theory, Somatic Stress Release, Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Therapy and Holistic Health.
But with the professional work aside, I am first and foremost a human who has experienced complex trauma, childhood trauma and chronic health challenges. As a mentor and space-holder, I come with empathy for and understanding of what it’s like to feel stuck, in pain, and living in a cycle that can’t seem to be escaped.
In the midst of my own journey I discovered just how possible it is to experience change and to cultivate a new relationship with our bodies and the world around us. Through learning the language of my body and how symptoms are messages, small changes began to show up. It was through the consistent practice of being more IN my body rather than DOING things to FIX my body that transformation slowly began to unravel.
Over the years, what I’ve come to know is that our bodies are brilliant and capable and no matter where you are on your path: you make sense.

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