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Lindsay Vine, MPH, PRT

ME/CFS, Navigator & Recovery Coach
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I’m Lindsay Vine, the ME/CFS Programs Navigator & Recovery Coach. I have a masters degree in Public Health and over 7 years of healing experience from debilitating CFS. I’m certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy and took the 4 month mind body coaching course through Embodylab.
I am dedicated to connecting those suffering from ME/CFS, Long Covid, Fibromyalgia and other nervous system disorders with the resources they need to heal. Myself and Liz Carlson have an in-depth Online CFS Recovery Programs guide out, and I host the popular recovery podcast called Post Viral, where I interview world renowned experts in different healing modalities.
I coach people 1-2-1 in the four key areas of mind body recovery ( lifestyle & pacing, brain retraining, somatic bodywork and self discovery work). I provide the information and resources you need at an affordable price.

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