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Jen Butler

Nervous System Mentor
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I am a nervous system mentor who blends spirituality and science together to help those who are in the process of awakening to feel safe in their own skin & grounded here on Earth.
My own experience of an intense spiritual & energetic awakening led me on a journey of self-healing and self-discovery. Along the way, I came across the Polyvagal theory & nervous system healing & my life transformed.
Thanks to somatic work, I have been able to overcome a lifetime of chronic anxiety & depression, self-harm & addiction. Now I live a life that is free from drama & chaos and instead, filled with peace.
Drawing from my background as a teacher, I work with clients to educate them on the workings of their nervous system, helping them to understand their physiology and guiding them gently and lovingly towards a new way of living.
One that is free from the restraints of survival stress.
I believe that ‘true human enlightenment will happen when all human beings on the planet have regulated their nervous systems’ and I am here to play a role in spreading the word of this amazing work!

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