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Florencia Paludi

Psychotherapist & Yoga Therapist
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I am a psycotherapist cbt based and in the journey of my personal journey I realized the importance of integrating the body within my own process. I started studying integrative yoga therapy and in this journey I met Steven Porges Polyvagal theory. Since then I started investigating this wonderful theory and started applying it within my personal practice and with my clients.
I am also a safe and sound provider (SSP) which is an incredible auditory tool to also help clients feel better and connect better with themselves and with people around them. I recently finished the pain reprocessing therapy training which its all about signaling safety to our primitive brain so that you can engage with the pain in a different and more safe way.
I love sending my clients meditations and exercises so that they can engage with them outside the therapy space. When I found Somashare I loved the idea that other persons could benefit and enjoy the practices I make with kindness and dedication. Thanks Somashare for making me a part of this wonderful project!

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